Root Canal Treatments

No need to fear the dentist for root canal treatment

Root canal treatment has been given a bad reputation because of the way treatment used to be done. This is no longer the case and at Ashmore Clinic, we make sure our practice is equipped with the best available technology for your comfort. Along with this, our dentists are highly trained and experienced. They understand that people may suffer some anxiety around root canal treatments. Here are a couple of facts about root canal treatments to help you relax:

  • Your dentist at Ashmore Dental will be using the latest technology to keep any discomfort at a minimal level.
  • Root canal treatment can save a tooth that is completely or almost dead
  • Regular dentist check ups (once every 6 months) will help you avoid problems that can lead to a root canal treatment

We will always try to save your natural teeth where possible. Losing a tooth (or teeth) can be detrimental to chewing, eating, talking, and your jaw bone structure. Loss of teeth can have a ripple effect that affects your overall health as well as your looks.


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The dentists in our clinic typically only perform a root canal treatment to save a tooth from extraction. In severe cases where the structure of the tooth is weakened, it may require a crown to hold the tooth together. Saving natural is always our priority. An extraction is only performed when necessary to avoid complications. Read about Wisdom Teeth and Extractions.

With extended hours over 6-days a week, we’re confident we can find a suitable appointment time to fit your schedule.

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