Our Gold Coast dental clinic offers fast and painless fillings

A dental filling is used to restore a worn tooth, decayed tooth, or damaged tooth. We must first remove any existing decay, so the hole is clean. The filling we use is a safe and long-lasting tooth colour, composite resin which you can expect to last several years.

We can also replace your existing silver fillings (amalgam fillings) with composite resin to match with newer fillings or to replace old fillings.

No need to fear the dentist! Our procedure for fillings is fast and painless. The resin we use is applied in layers which are set (hardened) in turn using a special blue light, until the filling is built up enough to fill the hole.


Book in for a dental filling

Fillings are required when a person “loses” an existing filling, often because of chewing something hard or sticky (like toffee) or has a tooth (or teeth) that is damaged/decayed/worn. Tooth decay will not improve or repair itself. It’s important to visit a dentist for even minor tooth decay, even if you are not experiencing pain from it.

Regular Preventative Care dentist visits along with good oral hygiene will help you avoid getting decayed teeth. If you lose an existing filling, Contact Us and we’ll fit you in as a priority. We make sure our clinic and dentists can handle any urgent dental care when it occurs. Read more about our Emergency Care.

We understand that our clients lead busy lives, so we open 6-days a week with extended hours and to help make it more convenient to make a dentist appointment.

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