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Our Gold Coast dental clinic can assist you with professional take home teeth whitening treatment.

Yes, you can undo the damage of discoloured teeth. We offer you the ability to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home and in your own time.  It is as simple as having some moulds taken by one of our dentists. We then custom make trays fitted specifically to your mouth which will provide you with the best results possible. We then supply you with the whitening product and you are set to get started on the track to a beautiful white smile. Using daily, It will take about 2 weeks for you to reach your desired shade. Take home whitening gives you the benefits of controlling the outcome of your desired shade as well as having the control of managing any sensitivity associated with the whitening procedure.

Take home whitening, if managed correctly, has proven to achieve similar results to that of an in-office teeth whitening session at the dentist. Always consult with your dentist prior to undertaking any teeth whitening to ensure you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Come visit us at Ashmore Dental Gold Coast for teeth whitening treatment

Call our dental clinic to make an appointment for affordable teeth whitening or to ask us about our take home teeth whitening kits. Our dental clinic is open 6-days a week and is in Ashmore on the Gold Coast.
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