Frequently Asked Questions – Root Canal Treatment

Typically Root canal treatment is completed over 2-3 visits.

In cases where all the recommended stages are not completed it can result in an infection. Damage caused by this infection can result in tooth loss and damage to supporting bone structure.

Local anaesthetic will be used at each appointment, however, as the anaesthetic wears off you may have some discomfort following each appointment. This discomfort can present in ways such as a dull throb, toothache or even a sharp burning sensation. Do not be alarmed if this persists for 12-24 hours, please use over the counter pain relief if required. Should the discomfort not improve or be more severe in nature, please contact the practice for advice.

In some cases, your dentist may prescribe some medication, please take them as per instructed for optimal outcomes.

During the root canal treatment phase, you will have a temporary filling placed on the tooth. Due to the temporary nature of the filling material, please avoid biting or chewing hard foods on this tooth and we recommend chewing on the opposite side until the treatment is complete.

If your dentist has suggested a crown for this tooth after completion of the Root Canal Treatment. It is advised that you avoid chewing