Frequently Asked Questions – Fillings

After a filling is placed you are able to consume both food and drinks as desired. However, if you have been given anaesthetic and are numb, it is advisable that you wait for the numbness to wear off (approximately 2-3 hours) prior to consumption. If you eat with loss of feeling or control over your mouth, it could result in trauma to the soft tissues.

If your child has been made numb, it is natural for them to explore the strange feeling that anaesthetic can cause. As a result, they may bite or pinch areas, which could potentially result in trauma to the area. Please keep a close eye on them until the area returns to normal sensation.

It is not unusual for it to take 1-3 days for the area to settle after a filling. You may experience some temperature sensitivity and/or some gum soreness. If the discomfort is coming from your gums you can rinse with warm salt water to aid in healing.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if after a few days the new filling feels rough or high in your bite. We will happily adjust it as a complimentary review appointment.

In cases where your filling was considered deep, it is expected that you may feel sensitivity for up to 2 weeks. If these symptoms persist it is