Frequently Asked Questions – Extractions

What to expect:

Depending upon the anesthetic used, typically you will be numb for a few hours following the extraction.

Do not be alarmed if there is a small amount of blood oozing from the extraction area, where blood is mixed with saliva it can seem like there is more than there is. Continue to bite down on the gauze supplied for 30 minutes. If the site is continuing to ooze after this point, place a new gauze in your mouth for another 30 minutes. If it continues to bleed after these two attempts, contact our offices for further advice (or contact your closest hospital if it is after hours).

It is very common to experience soreness in the jaws and the areas of extractions. This can be managed by taking paracetamol as per instructions on the packet. After the first 24 hours you can introduce ibuprofen if required. If you have been informed to take any prescribed medication by your dental officer, please follow the packet instructions carefully and complete the necessary course as instructed.

It is common to experience swelling following surgery. Please manage with cold compression for 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. Continue as needed for the first day or 24 hours.
You may notice small bony fragments rising to the surface in the weeks after the extraction, this is not entirely unusual and can usually be removed by warm salty rinses, or for larger fragments, contact our offices for further advice.

In some instances, you may have sutures placed over the socket. Unless otherwise instructed, these will be resorbable sutures and will dissolve within 2 weeks. If they persist beyond this point and/or are annoying in the mouth, please make an appointment with Ashmore Dental to have them removed.

Post – Operative care:

We would like a blood clot to form in the extraction site. As such, you will need to avoid anything that could disrupt the blood clot from forming, these include:


Avoid excessively hot or cold foods. It is best to eat warm, soft foods for the first few days following surgery. Ensure you stay hydrated and eat foods of high nutritional value.

After 24 hours:

You can commence gentle saltwater rinsing after 24 hours, avoid vigorously moving the salt water around as this may result in the blood clot being dislodged.

Starting the second day, a warm compress can be used to promote healing.