Frequently Asked Questions – Denture maintenance

Insertion and removal:

At the final denture appointment your dentist would have shown you how to both insert and remove your denture. Be mindful not to force your denture into place. If you are having trouble with your denture, please contact our practice.


When you first start wearing your new denture it will feel foreign and possibly uncomfortable. Through the passing of time and as you function more with the denture in place, your mouth will adapt. Eating may be challenging at first, so it is best to start with soft foods.
Your new denture may result in some sore areas on the gums. These will pass in time, however if they persist please contact our practice. Try to wear your denture for 5 hours before coming in so that we can accurately see where they have been rubbing.


Denture: It is important to clean your dentures daily, with a soft brush and mild soap or a denture paste. It is best to have a separate toothbrush for your teeth and your denture. Avoid hot water, cleaners that are not designed for denture cleaning and applying excess pressure to your denture. Also try to remove dentures after meals to give them a quick rinse over before placing back in your mouth.
Teeth and soft tissue: Clean your teeth and soft tissue (gums, palate, cheeks and tongue) at least 2 times per day. Ensuring you thoroughly clean the surfaces of soft tissue that your denture rests against.


It is important to schedule regular dental check-ups for both your teeth and dentures. Poorly fitting dentures can result in pain and discomfort. For denture maintenance, your dentist will advise as to how often you should bring them into the dentist for review. Generally, if you have both teeth and dentures in your mouth, it is best to maintain 6 monthly check-ups. Please ensure you take your dentures to each dental visit. You will generally need to have your dentures replaced every 3-5 years depending on how they are maintained.


Remove your dentures at night ensuring they stay moist by placing it in a cup of water or mild denture cleaner, rinse before putting them