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Here at Ashmore Dental, we will constantly try to find new ways to help the greater community become more accessible to and accepting of dental services and treatment. That is why we have agreed to become preferred providers for Medibank Private, BUPA, HCF/Manchester Unity, Teachers’ Union Health, CBHS, Department of Veteran Affairs and the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme. We are also still able to accept and make claims for all other health funds available to the public.
The fees for your actual treatment will vary depending on the complexity of your case. In order to devise an individual treatment plan and quote for you, it is strongly recommended you come into the practice for your initial examination appointment.

We offer ALL new patients who are currently with private health insurance (with extras coverage), with a GAP FREE exam, two diagnostic x-rays, clean and fluoride treatment. For those without health insurance, we offer a FREE check up with every clean procedure. These are just a couple of ways we aim to make our services more accessible to the greater community, so there's no better time to contact us to make that appointment or for more details.

Preferred providers

So what exactly is a preferred provider dental practice? Preferred providers are a network of practices accepted by health funds to work under their system, allowing the providers to offer the best level of care and value for their patients.
Patients of preferred providers can receive additional value and certainty with costs when they visit these practices. Moreover, you will receive between 70-100% of the charge back on most services, depending on your Level of Cover and your benefit will be higher than the standard set benefit you would receive from a non-preferred provider for the same service.

HCF and Manchester Unity+

Profile Picture For all dental patients with extras cover under HCF, this will entitle them to no out-of-pocket expense preventative care which includes six-monthly check up and cleans (including radiographs), fissure sealants and mouthguards.


Profile Picture Patients of BUPA are entitled to lower fees on their dental treatment as well as a higher rebate from their respective health funds. Furthermore, for children up to the age of 25, on their parents’ insurance cover (with Hospital AND Extras Platinum, Gold, Silver or Premier Extras cover), ALL dental treatment will be with no out-of-pocket expense. Please enquire with your health insurer to verify your eligibility for these entitlements.

Teachers' Union Health+

Profile Picture Members of Teachers' Union Health are entitled to lower fees as well as a greater rebate from their health insurer for all their dental treatment. Some eligible patients are also entitled to no-out-of-pocket expense treatment for their six-monthly examination and cleans. Please enquire with your health insurer to verify your eligibility for these entitlements.

Medibank Private+

Profile Picture Patients who have extras cover with Medibank private are entitled to lower fees and considerably greater rebates from their health insurer for all their dental requirements. The majority of patients allied with this private health insurer are also entitled to no-out-of-pocket expense treatment for their regular six-monthly examination and cleans (x-rays not included). However, this is also reliant on their level of cover with Medibank Private. Please enquire with your health insurer to verify your eligibility for these entitlements.


Profile Picture The CBHS Dental Choice Network is a group of dental service providers who have committed to reducing or removing the gap for selected preventative dental services that members would usually pay between the dentist’s charges and the CBHS benefit. These selected services are available to all members with any level of Extras Cover. By choosing to use a dentist in the network for selected preventative dental services, you will know upfront that you will have no out-of-pocket expenses (subject to the overall cost of services being within the overall limit that applies to your level of cover).

Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme+

Profile Picture Furthermore, as part of the new government initiative, we are now affiliated with their “Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme” that provides all eligible patients between the age of 2-17 with up to $1000 to spend on eligible and required dental treatment, over the space of two calendar years. These patients must provide us with the voucher and/or their Medicare numbers that were given to them by the government on the day of treatment.

With all these incentives, there has never been a better time to start with your oral care regime or to revitalise that smile. If you have any queries regarding our affiliations, please do not hesitate to contact us or your respective health funds. As always, we aim to provide high quality dental treatment that targets each individual patient’s needs and desires. We recognise that no two people are alike and hence your dental requirements will differ. So please feel free to contact us at Ashmore Dental, and let us create the smile you have always dreamed of.

Profile Picture is a new public initiative to help provide more affordable and accessible dental services to the wider community. It offers all patients who are enrolled in this scheme with all the same treatment modalities available at our clinic, but at cheaper rate, simply by showing your current membership card.

Payment Plans

We are proudly an accredited partner practice for Mifund, offering patient financing that is designed to improve your dental health by accessing high quality treatments that is designed to improve your dental health by accessing high quality treatments sooner. Mifund offers patients the ability to quickly and easily finance a range of dental products through their fast online application and settlement process. Now you can have the confidence in proceeding with the treatment you have been postponing.

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